Valentine’s Day Studio Minis?!?! {Update}

Say People!You guys!!!

I am so happy!!!! Yesterday I heard news that I sold my lens and I’m so thankful!

12544138_794672180662568_383773238_o edited cropped.jpg

I have another lens at the repair place and looking forward to getting my other baby back! ❤


Working on several exciting things for y’all!!!

Can’t wait to let you know when I start Booking Seniors… Congrats Class of 2016 AND We now have the AHMAZING opportunity to shoot in a studio!!!!


I know, I know! I am so excited too. Lauren Elise Photography is letting me use her space and there’s talk of me getting new equipment! 😉 In need of an alien bees strobe light so we can shoot. at. NIGHT! Eeeeek!  Stay tuned.

And to start off shooting in studio,
We are offering Valentine’s Day Studio Minis!!!! ❤
Message me today to set your’s up! Valentine’s day is one of my favorite holidays. Its been so chilly & snowy so this is PERFECT for this time of year! Lets book your session & share this offer with your friends!! It ends on February 10th so contact me today! 😉Valentine's Day Studio Minis! design

It’s almost the end of January y’all!! In less then 10 days, can you believe it? Time goes fast. I hope y’all are living the best days of your life and God has been blessing you.

Me 2016

Now I am off to edit. Be looking for an adorable session of a mama and her boys in your inbox!

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