What to Expect

A lot of people wonder about sessions… What to wear, how to dress, colors, props, & places, You should find most of the information you need here!  

What To Expect At Your Session

Maternity /  Newborns:

Gorgeous. Every-time I think about the privilege of capturing this beautiful moment in your life, I can’t help but smile. You’re going to be a mom, or you just became a mom to another beautiful person in this world. At these sessions I strive to capture amazing, feeling photographs of a beautiful moment. Your expressions or of a precious little one, newly born – sentimental photos of something, someone amazing. You’ll be getting a memory. Expect fun, smiles, & serenity. Congratulations.

Children / Family:
These sessions are loads of fun! Having 3 brothers & 3 siblings myself, I know how to work with little kids and can def. get them comfortable in front of the camera. 😉 Your family is precious. There’s no other family like your’s. I’m going to capture individual, beautiful photographs and make a memory for you. I have no problems with littles needing to hug mommy or wanting to ride on daddy’s shoulders. Matter of fact I want that. I strive to capture all the expected and unexpected moments from your session. I want to make a connection. I want you to know that I LOVE what we do, and I want you and your family to feel COMPLETELY comfortable. 🙂 Get ready for fun and have them bring their favorite toys. This can help create beautiful candid pictures.

Oo la la! Y’all are fun to photograph. hehe Every story is different, every couple is different & I love that. I want to tell your story through what I capture of you both. Drawing a connection, capturing beautiful expressions at the most beautiful time of day. We want you to have fun and to consider it a date with paparazzi! No pressure, no nervousness – you’re there with your best friend. You’ll love it.

Where Should You Have Your Photo Session? Should there be props?

There are many options, and it is completely up to you depending on what look you want for your photos. Perhaps there is a place that has meaning to you… where you first met or where he popped the question, or maybe you want photos with a particular feel … such as an urban, industrial or natural/organic setting. Do the kids like to color? Or read books? Do they like sprinklers? I like making the photos feel like they belong to my clients by adding what they like into them.  Props are so fun!

And Many families like to keep their newborns and young children close to home, which is a great place to start for any Baby session.  We can also arrive at the Hospital to Get New-born photos. (It is COMPLETELY up to you.)  If you are unsure where you’d like to hold your session, we have many suggestions and will work to find one that’s right for you!

What Should We Wear?

This is one of the most common questions I get and while I’d love to guide you, I also want for everyone to put their own twist on our ideas to express their individuality and personality.We have a few basic suggestions for you to read below.

1. Try NOT to match.
The reason we advise against matching is because it’s not very natural for your whole family to be wearing the exact same outfit. We believe each individual should wear something that expresses their personality and style.

2. Coordinating is KEY.
Although you should avoid “matching”, keeping within the same color scheme or having everyone wear something that compliments one another & looks great! Bright colors & unique patterns are ideal for Most sessions!

If you’d like to see how colors mesh and what colors look best with what, CLICK HERE to check out my Pinterest Board. Gotta love Pinterest! 😉

3. Accessorize.
Headbands, scarves, hats,  shoes, jewelry, belts, etc., are all great items to add visual interest to your photos. Make sure you choose items that fit your personality and that you are comfortable wearing. Things you’d wear even if your picture weren’t being taken.
Need some ideas on how to accessorize? CLICK HERE. Yes, another Pinterest board to help. 😉

4. Bring a change of clothes (or two).
Outfit changes add diversity to your photographs…Especially if they have Eye-catching colors! Brightness and cheerfulness is ideal for most sessions. We love when a client shows us the various sides of their personality through their clothing choices!

5. Personalized props.
Does your family love to go biking? Are you into all things vintage? Do you love music? Do you and your Fiance love picnics? These are all things that can add visual interest to your photos. Here are a few ideas for some props. CLICK HERE. And you know what, make it interesting! Do something different.

& We may even have a prop that would be perfect to bring along, just ask!

If you have ANY other questions, Please Contact Holly by clicking here. I’m very interested in helping you and making sure that you have all the info you need!

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